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How to configure Postman Native Client App to use an external proxy

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  • TLDR; to configure Postman native client app to use a proxy start it with command line parameter --proxy-server=host:port

    postman.exe --proxy-server=localhost:8888

    One of things I like about Postman Chrome App is that, because it uses Chrome, it is really easy to feed through a debug proxy like Fiddler, or Zap, etc. etc.

    But since Chrome Apps are going to die and Postman has a native app now, I thought I’d use that.

    Uh oh! Where is the proxy setting?

    There is a strange little satellite icon for “Proxy Settings” which lets me switch on an inbuilt proxy:


    That might be useful. I might want to send browser traffic to postman to build up a collection. I can’t imagine doing that, but it might be useful.

    What about an external proxy?

    But I could find no official documentation or support on how to configure an external proxy:



    I found that strange.

    Does no-one else need this functionality?

    Or perhaps everyone else knows how to configure it, and its really obvious, just not obvious to me.

    And the answer is…

    And the answer is that since Postman is an electron based application we can use the electron command line switches.


    Here’s how I do it on Windows.

    I have a short cut with the target:
    C:\Users\Alan\AppData\Local\Postman\app-4.9.3\Postman.exe --proxy-server=localhost:8888

    OR I could go to the postman directory and run the command:
    postman.exe --proxy-server=localhost:8888

    Hope that helps.

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