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Software Testing Definitions and Models - How and Why to Create your own Definition

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  • TLDR; I avoided creating a definition of software testing for a long time because I thought it would constrain me. Instead I built a model of what I did. Eventually I generalised it to a ‘definition’ - “Testing is building and comparing models of a system to the system.”

    From 29/11/2016 to 6/12/2016, every weekday, I used Instagram as a platform for creating a ‘daily thought’ on the topic of “Definition of Software Testing”. That was a useful process in its own, this blog post is to document the output.

    What follows:
    text description of the daily thoughts with additional commentary (keep reading)
    the youtube video has annotated slides and the videos
    you can find the slides on slideshare
    raw instagram videos (see list at the end)

    Testing is all about testing

    Is Testing all about bugs - no. Testing is all about testing. Only nothing is all about anything else - Nothing is all about the absence of anything else. The only thing that that a thing is all about is the thing. Testing is not all about bugs because testing is all about testing.

    Leia mais em: http://blog.eviltester.com/2016/12/software-testing-definitions-and-models.html