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Testing with Agile - Cousera

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    About this Course

    To deliver agile outcomes, you have to do more than implement an agile process; you have to create a culture of experimentation. It’s this commitment to experimenting that’s at the heart of today’s most successful implementations of agile. This course shows you how to integrate the practice of experimentation across concept testing, usability testing, functional testing, and continuous deployment.

    Basically, we’ll show you how to use experiments to answer these three big questions:
    Should we build it? (And then: Did it matter?)
    Is it usable?
    Did it break?

    We’ll show you how to:

    • Translate your product’s strategic direction into a user-centric charter with lots of small, testable ideas
    • Test user motivation to make sure you’re building something that matters
    • Design and conduct usability testing (even without working software)
    • Use narrative collaboration to focus your testing
    • Integrate functional testing into a more continuous release flow

    This course is supported by the Batten Institute at UVA’s Darden School of Business. The Batten Institute’s mission is to improve the world through entrepreneurship and innovation: www.batteninstitute.org.

  • Um dos poucos cursos no Coursera que foca QA, infelizmente :cry: Pelo menos que eu vi.
    Me inscrevi nesse !