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Merging Blogs Test Report

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  • This is a test report on the testing I performed after migrating my blogs on 28th December 2018, from 14:00 - 18:26.

    What happened?

    I have merged the blog content from my main domains:

    They are now all part of eviltester.com with the main index page at eviltester.com/blog or blog.eviltester.com

    This was all for SEO and web marketing purposes but it was a fairly major migration and was relatively high risk since it all had to be done in production.

    I made a few mistakes along the way and so you might have seen the DNS routing provide 404s at certain points, but over the festive period I didn’t think too many people would notice.

    Basic Testing

    To test it I manually visited:

    During the above process I realised that I didn’t actually have https setup on JavaForTesters.com or SeleniumSimplified.com so I had to set that up as well - which added additional risk to my migration process.

    I also found that I hadn’t migrated JavaForTesters.com on to my cloud hosting account and was still on the ‘free’ plan which I received with the domain, so I had to migrate it across as well.

    This migration caught a few of my outstanding todos.

    High Severity Risk Testing - indexed links

    The biggest risks to me were:

    • do the old links on google still work?
    • do the links from twitter etc. still work?
    • do the RSS feeds still work?

    To test this:

    • “site:blog.javafortesters.com inurl:2018” on Google
    • “site:blog.javafortesters.com 2018” on Bing
    • “site:blog.eviltester.com inurl:2018” on Google
    • “site:blog.eviltester.com 2018” on Bing
    • “site:seleniumsimplified.com inurl:2018” on Google
    • “site:seleniumsimplified.com 2018” on Bing

    Then I chose a random sampling of links indexed by Google and Bing and checked if they redirected to the new locations on EvilTester.com

    I wanted to make sure:

    • a 301 response was generated
    • I linked to the correct page

    I wasn’t sure working with different browsers would make a difference, but I tried on Chrome, Firefox and Safari

    • Java For Testers was generating a 302, so I had to fix that.
    • Eviltester redirects were working in Chrome, but giving me an SSL certificate error in Firefox and Safari

    OK - that was a serious problem as I want to retain the indexes in bing and google for SEO purposes

    Fixing the SSL error on blog.eviltester.com

    After a ‘chat’ with the web hosting support it seems like I need to create blog.eviltester.com as a ‘website’ rather than a subdomain in the hosting as I use.

    So I did that and added the .htaccess file and it seemed to work.

    OK, but Why does it work for blog.javafortesters.com and not for blog.eviltester.com?

    I’m not sure, it might be because I had https setup on blogger for EvilTester.com and not for JavaForTesters.com?

    So all the indexes for blog.javafortesters.com are http and not https?

    Looks like it.

    So if I use https for any of those blog.javafortesters.com links then we will get the same error?

    I don’t know… let me try… yes.

    OK… better fix that then.

    Fixing the SSL error on blog.javafortesters.com

    • delete the subdomain for blog on javafortesters.com
    • recreate it as a website
    • add letsencrypt SSL
    • create ftp account
    • add the .htaccess redirects

    Quick sample test and that seems to work.

    High Severity Risk Testing - RSS Feeds Redirect

    RSS feeds.

    The RSS Feeds I need work with are:

    In the new site I have

    And, as a bonus because I’m using Hugo - rss feeds everywhere, so I have one for the Selenium Simplified posts and the Java For Testers posts.

    Ideally the old blog feeds for selenium simplified and java for testers should map to the sub folder index.xml and evil tester feed can map to the main feed.

    This keeps the semantics of Selenium Simplified and Java For Testers so the old feeds for subscribers should be much the same, but since I want a single feed going forward on the Evil Tester brand then the full feed is a better match.

    I’m going to test these links using incognito/private browsing mode

    And I’ll use Firefox since that showed me SSL issues last time.

    And no SSL issues this time, but the Java For Testers was linking to the top Evil Tester feed, so I made a mistake in the Java For Testers .htaccess file.

    Fixed that.

    RSS Feed population

    I will create a blog post in each of my feeds and make sure it appears in my RSS feed.

    But I’ll have to hurriedly write up something for Selenium Simplified and Java for Testers since both of these will also be reflected in my Evil Tester feed as well and I don’t want it to look like spam.

    I wrote the following:

    I will create a blog post in each of the old blogspot blogs and make sure it does not appear.

    Sadly if someone has subscribed to the blogspot url versions then they won’t know about the updates so I’ll make that the content of the blog post.

    This was a test I could only really make in live.

    I’m checking the results in my existing news reader which is subscribed to the old Java For Testers, Selenium Simplified and Evil Tester feed.

    I’ll need to make sure I subscribe to the new feeds and make sure they work:

    I managed to do this first before uploading all the new posts - because I was writing this blog post, as I did the testing and it is a record of my test approach and work done.

    The new feeds seemed to work in Newsblur

    Something I didn’t expect. The feeds for JavaForTesters and SeleniumSimplified are ‘partial’ rather than full feeds, i.e. they just have the title, link and preview information. The main Evil Tester feed is a full feed.

    I didn’t notice this when viewing the xml in a browser - all I saw was ‘text’, my tool didn’t support me observing the results as effectively as I could have.

    I’ll add this to my possible todo list.

    NOTE: I will add this to my ‘try and fix’ list because while newsblur redirects on the old sites, seeing a partial view where there was once a full view breaks the semantics.


    Because I used blogger, I think I used feedburner as well, and so I’ll need to check if those feeds are pointing to my new feeds.

    They seem ok, and I can see I have some old blogs listed in there so I’ll need to trim that out later - added a todo.

    What about the sites?

    Since all of the Evil Tester stuff is in the main site, it will probably be OK.

    And since the redirects seem to work, even if they point to the old stuff they should probably be fine.

    But I’ll do a site review of:

    RE: Selenium Simplified .com

    • BUG: I had to do a quick hack edit as the blog was the main page, so there was no content on the index page
    • blog posts in header links off to evil tester as expected
    • rss feed points to evil tester sub index
    • BUG: the alternate link redirects - but it might be worth pointing that at the eviltester index directly
    • BUG: there is no favicon - need to fix this
    • I used TotalValidator Pro to perform a quick link check across the site
      • this did find a few broken links which I suspect was present on SeleniumSimplified prior to moving the pages
      • fixed these
      • I suspect there might be a few in google index, but they will have been there for a while
    • BUG: in general there are too many validation errors on site - need to fix the HTML
    • TODO: need to add the Selenium Simplified blog feed to front page or sidebar?

    RE: Java For Testers.com

    • no obvious visual errors related to migration, although clearly this needs a review
    • total validator pro found a broken link related to the migration

    RE: Evil Tester.com

    • no obvious issues but there are clearly validation errors throughout and it needs a 404 spring clean for external links
    • BUG: need to point to sub blogs rather than categories in the blog section headers
    • BUG: fix partial feeds for javafortesters and seleniumsimplified

    All in all

    All in all. The migration went well. A few panics but fixable.

    I’m glad I gave it a once through from a testing perspective after the development work.

    I’m sure there is more to find but hopefully nothing too bad that kills traffic.

    I’ll work on SEO and google analytics over the next few days and that might pick things up that I’ve missed.