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Ultimate Programmer Super Stack

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  • Ultimate Programmer Super Stack

    TLDR; 28 books and courses for only $47.95, but only for the next seven days
    You can find the full list of books and courses at The Ultimate Programmer Super Stack

    28 ebooks and ecourses for only $47.95

    My “Java For Testers” ebook is in a bundle.
    for the next 7 days, you can get 28 ebooks and courses for $47.95, and only.
    Topics covered are: JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Python, APIs, HTML, CSS, Kotlin, Testing, Learning skills, Business and creating mobile and desktop apps.
    You can find the full list of books at The Ultimate Programmer Super Stack

    <figure class=“image regular”><picture><source media="(max-width: 768px)" srcset=“https://d37oebn0w9ir6a.cloudfront.net/account_1944/superstack_30e71e657cb84fc75aaa7e53509af12d.gif 1x”><source media="(min-width: 769px)" srcset=“https://d37oebn0w9ir6a.cloudfront.net/account_1944/superstack_30e71e657cb84fc75aaa7e53509af12d.gif 1x”></picture></figure>

    I’ve Already Read

    I’ve already read:

    • The JavaScript Way by Baptiste PequestI liked the way the Browser dev tools console is used for the first part of the book - which is how I teach JavaScript as well. I think this approach makes it easy to get started.

    Wants List

    The following have been on my “want to read” list for some time:

    • Build APIs You Won’t Hate by Phil Sturgeon* Building Test-Driven Developers by Chris HartjesKotlin is one of the languages I’ve been interested in so I want to read through
    • Kotlin for Android Developers by Antonio Leiva* Fundamental Kotlin by Milos VasicAnd I create desktop apps for testing so I’m interested in seeing how React Native stacks up against Java in:
    • Production Ready React Native ecourse by Spencer Carli* Learn Java the Easy Way: Build Java Desktop & Android Mobile Apps ecourse by Bryson PayneThere are also books covering Ruby and Python if you are interested in learning these.

    Interesting Titles

    I think “The Toy Robot” Ruby book by Ryan Bigg looks interesting because it uses BDD in a short case study, which also (indirectly) shows you the basics of writing a keyword interpreter. So you’ll see the basics of writing a simple command interpreter and you will be able to apply this to your automated execution approach if you want to - this is something I’ve been meaning to write up for a while so I want to see how Ryan handles the topic.
    Clearly I haven’t mentioned everything in the bundle, I just picked out the stuff that I am most interested in. You might be more interested in the other Ruby books, or HTML or Python books. Possibly the iOS programming, PHP or business and ‘psychology of programming’ type books.

    Only Available for 7 Days

    I think it is a bundle worth checking out The Ultimate Programmer Super Stack. And remember the $47.95 offer ends in 7 days on the 13th or 14th of November - and you essentially get Java For Testers as a free bonus.
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