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Notes from Glenford Myers Advances in Computer Architecture

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  • TLDR; Abstractions are not new, have never been easy, and have always been important when architecting our Systems.

    Advances in Computer Architecture - by Glenford J. Myers is probably an old book in computer terms - the second edition was published in 1982 (first edition in 1978) and I was expecting it to be a curio. But I found it interesting because it was focused on Computer Architecture in terms of “viewing a system as a set of levels of abstraction.” And I use the ‘abstraction’ word a little too often, making this book relevant to my studies.

    Given a set of abstractions, then look at the function boundary that the architecture deals with and the interface that it provides to the user. Myers also identifies that some Architecture levels are hard to show on a level diagram because they require vertical rather than horizontal cuts.

    Leia mais em http://blog.eviltester.com/2017/04/notes-from-glenford-myers-advances-in.html