•      Basic knowledge of the software development lifecycle
  •      Basic knowledge of the functional and non-functional testing methodology
  •      Participation on software development projects.
  •      At least 2 years’ experience in projects as Stress testing engineer developing the following activities:

o Review execution sequence of the automation scripts.
o Identify input and output data for the automation scripts
o Testing automation using API SAPGUI Scripting.
o Propose and design execution sequence improvements to the automated scripts.
o Analyze information and develop the automated testing execution technical report
o Develop automated scripts in QTP / UFT

  •      At least 2 years’ experience developing automation for automated functional tests.
  •      At least 1 year experience in SAP and legacy systems. 
  •      Knowledge of HP QTP or HP UFT.
  •      Basic knowledge of hardware infrastructure and ERP software
  •      More than 2 years with code languages like C, VisualBasic Scripting or Java/JavaScript