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Running an Internal Hackathon- Part 1

When was the last time you ran an internal hackathon with your Engineering team? We all heard about big companies doing it, some of you may have even participated in one. Whether it’s Google or…

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AMA: IE11 Button Clicking in Selenium

Anthony asks… I have coded to click buttons on IE11/Win7 but the latest version of Selenium IE doesn’t click the buttons correctly most of times. Most of times, it clicks one button below. I thought it might be loading time so added some waiting but still click one button below or two buttons below sometimes. … Continue reading “AMA: IE11 Button Clicking in Selenium”

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Using Automation to Assist –Not Replace – Manual Testing

When transitioning from strictly manual testing towards automated testing, I’ve seen several ways for the transformation to fail or stall. One of the most common mistakes is treating automation as an…

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Learn How to Use Virtual Services @ DevOpsDays Berlin

DevOpsDays Berlin, a part of a worldwide series of conferences devoted to software development and IT infrastructure, starts tomorrow. We can’t wait to discuss the latest trends in automation,…

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AMA: Iterative vs Incremental

Anonymous asks… What is the difference between iterative and incremental models? My response: Fortunately I have written an entire post on this exact topic here. My conclusion was: We can’t build anything without iterating to some degree: no code is written perfectly the second that it is typed or committed. Even if it looks like … Continue reading “AMA: Iterative vs Incremental”

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StarWest and Advanced Automation in Your API Lifecycle

Last week I had the pleasure of attending StarWest, the premiere conference on software testing and quality assurance in the magical world of Disney. This allowed me to catch up on the latest trends…

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AMA: How do I do data migration testing?

Nathan asks… Data Migration testing from one application to another application. Which way to test best and easy? The new application should be in Salesforce. My Response… This is quite a generic question but I’ll try to answer it the best I can. I usually look at data migrations as three separate steps: Extract data … Continue reading “AMA: How do I do data migration testing?”

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AMA: CodeceptJS support for Safari and IE?

Sahana Asks… We area VOD startup and we have web app, mobile apps and TV apps. I am writing acceptance tests for web app now and chose codeceptjs framework since we have our website’s front end code in Javascript. We have dockerised the processes and docker images for codeceptjs webdriver IO is availble only for … Continue reading “AMA: CodeceptJS support for Safari and IE?”

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Find Out What’s New in the Latest Release of Collaborator

We are excited to announce the launch of Collaborator 11.2. To recap quickly, in version 11.1, we strengthened our integration with JIRA, added content archiving, and enabled users to subscribe to…

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Usability Testing

Hello guys, Today I am going to write about some usability tests techniques that you can use in your day-to-day tests. Usability tests is where you can figure out if your design is working or not, what can be improved and what is not straight forward. Jakob Nielsen created the 10 usability heuristics, which includes: Visibility […]

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